Trip Planning

It’s always fun to go on vacation with your loved ones. However, sometimes it seems like planning an entire itinerary for the trip is such a great effort, and it’s so difficult to make it so that everyone can enjoy. Also, the abundance of tips, advice and information can be overwhelming and confusing; while there are always the places your friend or cousin or the internet says you “muse visit”, how can you really know what you would enjoy the most?

We have been planning personally-tailored trips and vacation in Paris and France since 2014. Our specialty is to get to know you, based on the information you send us, and provide you with the itinerary most suited for you. We have experience with planning itineraries for singles, couples, families of all types and ages, people with nutritional limitations (vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, kosher, paleo, etc.), as well as with physical difficulties.

We will build you a fully-detailed itinerary for your visit, sent to you as a pdf file.

To make the first step towards your dream vacation, contact us.